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My personal experience ---

Is a mix of travel kinds possible? Absolutely!!!!

I foreign travel almost constantly in a state of mixed "kinds of travel", often occurring on the spur of the moment. One great example was my 3 months Argentina/Chile trip.              Please read BELOW......


In 2007,  a SIT jaunt thru Argentina & Chile, after several walkabout days in Buenos Aires, I flew to.Puerto Iguazu NP’s falls [YTclip]. to explore the Argentinian side, followed the next day with a private taxi day trip to Brazil’s side of Iguazu Falls. [YTclip]

Then, for the next several weeks traveling SIT along Argentina’s Andes south to Ushuaia, Argentina’s southernmost town for several solo day hikes in Tierra del Fuego National Park. [YTclip].  

Then, a day tour/excursion north thru the Isla Grande area [YTclip] before boarding a small cruise ship’s journey from Ushuaia to Valparaiso, Chile.[YTclip] including a day-hike excursion to Torres del Paine National Park.

Then a 4 day van tour from north tip of Chile south thru the Andes, followed by a 2nd 3day small van tour thru more Andes down [YTclip]

 to San Pedro de Atacma’s desert and a day excursion Termas de Puritama’s geyser and boiling pots [YTclip] (Chile’s Yellowstone National Park.)



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